Hi, I'm Cindy

A beautiful portrait does more than just capture a moment in time. It reveals something true, essential, and authentic about its subject.

I’m Cindy, an outdoor photographer who specializes in preserving memories and crafting portraits that tell the story of you as you want to be seen. As someone with a passion for people, there’s nothing I love more than showcasing my clients’ unique personalities through beautiful portrait photography that becomes a daily reminder of what’s most important in their lives.

what to expect from our session

Our time together is more than just a portrait session. It’s a collaboration and an exploration of what makes you uniquely you — whether it’s a solo portrait, family portrait, branding session, or another creative venture. The portraits I create are meant to become cherished keepsakes and beautiful reminders of what’s true, real, and important in your life.


As a lifelong nature lover, I’m at my most creative in natural and scenic locations where I can be spontaneous and experiment to find the best angles, composition, and natural lighting to bring out your inner radiance. I am based in Gallatin and serve the Nashville metro area. Get in touch to start planning your creative journey with me.

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